Buckland Parish Council :

The Parish Council (PC) is the third tier of local authority situated within Tewkesbury Borough and thence Gloucestershire County.


The PC is made up with 5No. elected representatives or councillors, there is a Chairman and a Vice Chairman elected each year from among the five councillors at the Annual Parish Council Meeting held in May. Immediately following the Annual Meeting there is the Annual Open Meeting of the Parish where all local groups can provide reports and information and an open discussion can be held on topics of concern or interest the those present. Also at the Open Meeting the PC can review their work over the previous year and outline proposals for the year to come.


The main workload of the PC is in dealing with Planning Permission issues, liaison with the County  Highways over drainage, repairs and the like and in helping to maintain the network of Public Rights of Way. Expenditure of the PC comes from money raised through the Parish Precept, an additional sum added to domestic rates. The PC accounts have to be audited officially every year. 

Buckland Parish Council Contacts 


Mike Deakin – Chairman             deakinhome@btinternet.com                    01386 584555 


Jan Harvey – Vice Chairman       jharveyc@aol.com                                   01386 852445


Eric Bradley                             eric.bradley@btinternet.com                   01386   584022              

Helen Partridge                         timpartridge100@msn.com                      01386 852634

Chairman :  Mike Deakin,  The Old School, Laverton, WR12 7NA


Clerk  :       Angela Bradburn, Pine Tree Cottage, Laverton, WR12 7NA                  01386 58280








Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Buckland Parish Council held on Tuesday 8th May 2012 in Laverton Village Hall 


Mr M. Deakin (Chairman)

Mrs J. Harvey (Vice Chairman)

Mr E. Bradley

Mrs H. Partridge

Mrs A. Bradburn (Parish Clerk)

Mr J. Evetts (Borough Councillor)


Five Parishoners were in attendance.


Mr R. Allen (County Councillor)

Mrs C. Bishop

Mr P. McCanlis

Mr A. Gittings

Mrs M. Gittings


The Chairman introduced Mrs Angela Bradburn as the new Parish Clerk, taking over from Mrs Ann Kelly who had served for the previous 12 years.   He thanked Mrs Kelly for her work.


Mr Deakin reported that the Police and Neighbourhood Watch has been taken on by Mr Paul Blakeman who will submit his report below.


The Minutes of the previous AGM held on Tuesday 17th May 2011 were read, agreed and signed.


The Chairman suggested that any matters arising from the minutes would be covered during the meeting.


Chairmans Report

The Chairman outlined the work that had been addressed by the Parish Councillors over the past year.  The nuisance of tree debris on the road outside the village hall is ongoing, as is chasing faster broadband connection.   The Buckland bus shelter has been repaired.  The removal and burning of gorse on the escarpment is being monitored.  A litter picking session on the access and B4632 was organised by Mrs Partridge with equipment supplied by Tewkesbury.


The issue of the development of Robin Hill has been resolved with the granting of planning permission.  This followed an open meeting on 5th July 2011, with District Councillor, John Evetts, and Planning Officer, Paul Skelton. 


As in previous years there were concerns about future planning applications, especially with regard to how the villages will be affected by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  It was recommended that we did not identify areas for possible development within our Parish and not draw up a Village Plan in order to protect our rural classification.


Other concerns related to the loss of our weekly bus service and mobile library, both being replaced with amended services.  Speeding in Buckland is now a more serious issue and police advice is being sought. 


It has been a quiet year for planning with only 5 applications received.  


Tewkesbury Council appear to be happy with the new hedgerow on the B4632.  Some trees are not looking too well but are being monitored.


The planning for the street party for the Jubilee celebrations is progressing.  The official time for the beacon to be lit is 10.15pm. 


It is hoped that the community orchard will be planted by next spring.  Funding has been sought from grant aiding bodies and it is hoped that it will be fully funded.


Mr Deakin’s report is on file.


Borough Councillor’s Report


Mr Evetts asked if the parish was happy with the bin collection and stated that it was likely to remain as it is for the foreseeable future.


Gloucestershire have brought forward a Joint Core Strategy whereby Tewkesbury BC must co-operate with neighbours to provide housing over the next 20 years.  Gloucester and Cheltenham have no recognised areas suitable so Tewkesbury BC are having to find capacity for between 16,500 and 40,500 homes by 2031.  A computer model will be used to identify suitable areas.  Some 2400 homes are planned in rural areas which potentially would include our parish.  He considers that the countryside is relatively unprotected, and reinforced the recommendation not to draw up a village plan as this would open up the possibility of extra housing on recognised sites within the village.  This would then impact on roads, services etc. 


Mr Evetts considered that the development of Agricultural workers’ dwellings is likely to be the only aspect which may affect the village, as it may be a way of allowing development of brown sites for housing which will subsequently be put on the open market. 


County Councillor’s Report


Mr Allen was unable to attend the meeting but submitted a report.

He reported that the council was on track to make the required savings from their budget without adversely affecting services to vulnerable people and without raising council tax, which has been frozen for two years.  There has been an increase in the spending on services for older people to help them stay in their own homes whilst the average English County has cut this funding.  There has  been a  significant reduction is staffing levels at Shire Hall, mostly achieved by voluntary redundancy and non-replacement of retiring staff.  


The Council has delivered an economic stimulus package to create employment and in conjunction with the Government and other funders, helped to attract investment into the county to pay for a range of infrastructure projects including help for first time buyers to get on to the property ladder.  The budget for children’s centres has been protected.


Mr Allen reported that 198,000 potholes had been repaired since 2008 and the county is now developing a new method to speed up the process.  Salt stocks are at around 12.500 tonnes.


Mr Allen’s report is on file.


Police & Neighbourhood Watch Report

Mr Paul Blakeman reported he has compiled a list of some 27 properties in Laverton to which he forwards any information or comments he receives which he thinks is useful, from Police eg..  He has also become recognised as a co-ordinator and has begun to receive some input from the main NW organiser from Tewkesbury.

Mr Blakeman read out some statistics which show that the number of crimes committed and reported have changed little over the last two years, with no reported crimes having been solved.  These statistics were produced by Gloucestershire Constabulary.  He did though, urge anyone suspecting a crime is being committed to ring 999 immediately to aid the police to detect the perpetrator.  This is relevant as it is likely that criminal “spotters” will be driving around looking for targets.

Mr Blakeman’s Report is on file.

Highways and Footpaths Report

Mr Bradley reported that as 2011 was an exceptionally dry year there were few problems with respect to mud or surface water on the footpaths or bridleways within the parish, so only minor work was required.  Repairs to stiles, dog gates and fencing was carried out in response to reports received.  He thanked David Maund for his continued support in maintaining pathways and updating and replacing way markers as required.

The bridleway between Buckland and Laverton has been completed by David Eyres Jnr.

At the request of the landowner of “Burhill” an application was made to divert the public footpath which was adjacent to and through the property.  A modified route was agreed by the Parish Council, the landowner and Gloucestershire CC and a Modification Order issued.  This has now been rescinded temporarily because of objections received from the Open Spaces Society, The Ramblers Association and one resident.  Discussions are ongoing.

The white lines which directed through traffic to pass the “No Through Road” sign in the centre of Laverton have been removed.  The effect of this is being assessed although it appears very little difference has been made.

Concern is still being expressed about the speeding in Buckland, and approaches to the police for speed surveys have not yet been successful.  Other options are being explored.

Work to repair the road/verge at the bottom of Warren Lane is progressing.  It is hoped that this work can be completed on a shared cost basis with Gloucestershire Highways and we await authorisation for work to commence.

Mr Bradley’s report is on file.

Finance Report

The Parish account books were duly circulated for examination.  The precept of £5000 was received for the coming year.  Mrs Kelly advised the meeting that the accounts for the year to 31st March 2012 had been duly completed and signed off by the Chairman and were available for scrutiny.  They would then be sent to be audited.

Village Hall Report

Mr Alan Gittings was absent so his report was delivered by Mr Paul Blakeman.

Mr Gittings reported that due to internal issues there is no longer a Village Hall committee and that the Trustees, along with a Treasurer and someone to control hall bookings and bar arrangements, take over the management.  The return to a normal committee run hall has not been ruled out, but in the meantime events will continue, led by individuals rather than a recognised committee.  Coffee mornings remain in place, and there is a monthly film night. 

We have seen returning acts such as Gypsy Fire, Mervyn Stutter and Opera Dudes, and last years Christmas party and sunflower competitions were great successes.  The Air in G options for next winter is being assessed.

The maintenance of the hall is an ongoing process and the roof on the toilet block has been given attention.  Mr Gittings thanked Alan Morrison for his help with ongoing maintenance.

Financially the Hall is stable with income exceeding expenditure by a small amount.  Further improvements are being considered.

Mr Gittings report is on file.

Thynne & Weymouth Trust Report

Mr McCanlis was unable to attend but reported there is nothing to report on the Trust.

PCC/Burial Ground Report

Mr Bradley reported that the cost of operating and maintaining the church and churchyards was in line with the average costs of the last five years.  The deficit between expenditure and income has remained fairly constant at between £2k and £3k.  A donation of £200 from the Parish Council is appreciated and helpful.

The contract for the grass maintenance has remained with Craig Hamilton-Smith of Chipping Norton, and because of the dry conditions and strict control of cutting frequency the overall costs were reduced by 36% over the previous year.  Volunteers carried out work on graves, walls and around the church and a dry stone wall separating the cemetery from the adjoining Orchard Cottage is to be repaired at a cost of £225.

Mr Bradley’s report is on file.

Any Other Business

Lorraine Demir, the Village Agent attended.  Her role is to offer help and support to anyone of aged over 50 to stay in their own homes.  She can be contacted to give advice on transport, waste management and crime prevention as well as help for anyone returning home from hospital.  She is also in touch with ‘Lifeline’ which is a remote alarm system organisation.

There being no other business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the  meeting closed at 8.50pm.








Dog mess is an eyesore and a health hazard. If you are a dog owner, you have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog messes in a public place. The laws relating to this are contained in the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.











In the case of an emergency situation arising in the parish it is recommended that the Clerk of the Council should be approached for assistance. The Clerk will have access to local contacts and those at the Borough or County Council. This method was tried and tested during the July 2007 flooding crisis that hit the county.

The Village Hall will be available for emergency accommodation  and or as a meeting / delivery location. 

Essential Contacts are:

Parish Council Clerk       Angela Bradburn 01386 584380

Laverton Village Hall      Bob Bradburn  01386 584280

Public Telephones are situated by the Nursery in Buckland and just down the bridle path in Laverton.