As a small rural community we are presently low on the list of priorities for the provision of high-speed broadband services. This will become more apparent to us as time progresses and the services provided via the internet become more "hungry" for bandwidth. In order for us to promote ourselves in the league of priorities we need to gain support from at least 75% of the users who are provided with service from the Stanton Telephone Exchange. If you want to support the demand log on to the website and place your vote in favour.


 Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

As a local neighbourhood watch co-ordinator the police are asking that you please pass on the following information.

As we have been experiencing an increase with burglaries in the area, we are asking that local residents become more vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles you see in the area.

If there are three or more young men in a vehicle we are asking that this is reported to the police ASAP this can be done by using the following number 0845 090 1234.

If anyone see's any suspicious work vehicles, or anyone enquiring about scrap metal, again please report this ASAP.

The people who are responsible for the house burglaries are taking jewellery, laptops and car keys to steal the vehicle at the time of the offence. They are also taking handbags and wallets that have been left in visible sight.

Please take photo's of any valuable jewellery that you have (please make sure that the pictures are clear, and where possible place a ruler next to the item so that we have a better idea of the size of  the item). To store the pictures we are suggesting that you use a memory stick or a blank disc and place this somewhere safe (not with any laptops etc, just in case if you are unfortunate enough to be burgled, they are taken as well).

Please make notes of any serial numbers, IMEI numbers and again keep the information in a safe place.

Also, please remember to keep your shed and garages locked at all times and to keep windows closed when you are away from your premises, even for only a short time. It only takes a couple of minutes for a thief to enter your home and steal your valuables.

If you require any further information about keeping your valuables safe please contact the Tewkesbury Community Team and a local officer will arrange a suitable day and time to speak to you on a one to one basis.


PCSO 9156

Tewkesbury Safer Community Team

Gloucestershire Constabulary

+ Tewkesbury Police Station|Barton Street|Tewkesbury|GL20 5PR

((01242) 247327|(0845) 0901234 ext 7327


8  Tewkesbury Safer Community Team 

 The latest update information:

Project manager Tom Lowe (07812963040) is on leave till 19th May.
However I spoke to Richard Ovey (07989700282). He has reported back as follows:
Main cable pull through Thursday 12th (today)
Jointers on site 16th to 18th May
Shut down and reinstatement 25th May.
Pole and Overhead Line removals will follow the 25th




A Garden with Sunflowers beckoned to me,

Come join us dear gardeners and joyous you’ll be

You can’t resist them so dandy a sight

Come join us on our Sunflower Flight

When the petals have fallen the seeds will remain

To feed the birds until Spring time again

This competition is intended to be fun for everyone and generate a little light hearted rivalry between friends and family. Parents grandparents and children are urged to enter and test their gardening skills. Sunflowers symbolise cheer and energy and are easy to grow. They can either be started off indoors in pots in March or April, for planting out in mid-late May, or sown directly into the ground between March and May.

Prizes will be awarded to our SUNFLOWER CHAMPIONS in September by our own expert grower and Judge, Chris Harvey from Buckland.

Proceeds towards this years projects for the Village Hall.

Entry £2.00 per person to include seeds and instructions. Available from Mary Walker 01386 584722 or Paul Farrell 01386 584668 Good Luck everyone


We have given each contestant 4 seeds. These can either be sown directly in the ground between March and May, or indoors in pots between March and April, and then planted out in late May.

FOR POTS Plant each seed 2.5cms deep in a 3inch pot with good compost. Water well and cover with polythene to keep heat in. Place in a sunny window. When big enough you can plant out, hardening off if necessary.

PLANTING OUTSIDE Sow into finely raked, moist, warm, weed free soil where plants are to flower,½ inch deep, 12 - 18 inches apart. Germination takes 7 -21 days

Grow in well manured soil in a sunny position and keep moist.


1 Water well. Sunflowers don’t like drying out. Each watering should aim to reach its roots rather than just touching the surface.

2 You need plenty of sun, some shade, preferably a not too windy site.

3 Plant out at the right time.

4 Stake well with a strong cane.

5 Give plenty of space

6 Use good compost. For height use a nitrogen based fertilizer switching to potash (tomato food) as buds appear.

7 Once planted don’t move, cut off dead leaves